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My Plesk - Self-Care Portal


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Hi everyone,

I am happy to share with you My Plesk service (My Plesk) – in its first version, this allows Plesk Store customers to:
  • See all the licenses that were registered to the customer’s email address and the associated costs.
  • Link several licenses from different email addresses to a single My Plesk account, and manage all owned licenses in one place.
  • Buy new licenses or upgrade existing licenses.
  • Obtain activation codes for existing licenses.
  • Understand which servers use the existing licenses.
We’re open to receiving your opinions via e-mail, at my@plesk.com. You also can use this forum thread for your feedback.


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At this stage, My Plesk shows licenses to customers who have purchased through the Plesk retail store. If you don't see your license(s), there are two possible options:
  1. It was registered to another email address than you use for sign up. In this case, you can attach an additional email address to your My Plesk account in the Profile page.
  2. You aren't an owner of the licenses because you didn't buy a license in Plesk retail store; e.g.: it is registered for a partner
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