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Issue Plesk Mobile unuseable - null object reference


Basic Pleskian
Installed from Google PlayStore.
Get following error message...

Attempt to read from field 'java.util.List.com.odin.plesk.mobile.logic.WebSpace.sites' on a null object reference.

Nexus phone Android 6
Samsung tablet Android 7

Used to work on old Android 2 tablet, no longer have.

Server running Plesk 17.8.11


Basic Pleskian
More information : Android app works fine on the same devices with a different Plesk server.

Remove Plesk Mobile Extension from oroginal server
Attempt to access from Plesk Mobile Android App
-- With wrong password get authorisation error
-- With correct password get original error
Attempt to read from field 'java.util.List.com.odin.plesk.mobile.logic.WebSpace.sites' on a null object reference.

Install Plesk Mobile Extension on original server and repeat above
Get the same result
Check extension settings - all it seems to do is push log events to Android App

Conclusion the connection works
From the message guess the server is unable to provide a list of sites


Basic Pleskian
Been chasing this up with my dedicated server provider as Plesk licence is through them.
They are able to connect using an Android device!
No one from Plesk seems to have responded to this on either Google App Store or here.


New Pleskian
Quite a few of us having this issue. It seems to be some server-side configuration causing this, but I've no idea what. I've provided adb log but it wasn't very helpful for Plesk support. Not sure what to do.


Basic Pleskian
I'm having the same problem as well. Anyone find a solution? I can connect to my other servers which are all fairly similar, just not this one.


Basic Pleskian
Sorry, no solution ... same as you, only one server has the problem all other servers are OK!
I really don't want to scrap it and reinstall ...